The Art of Lawrence Supino

"Baby Doll"

Original Art by Artist Lawrence Supino, a realistic painting of a woman's bust while wearing a Baby Doll nightie

My series of erotica paintings were inspired by my love for sensual beauty. "Baby Doll" is my painting of a woman's bust while wearing a Baby Doll nightie. The original "Baby Doll" painting was sold to a private collector in Europe through a gallery in Switzerland.

Combing the sexuality of a woman, with the innocence of child, Baby Doll lingerie became very popular because of a 1956 movie entitled "Baby Doll". The actress Carroll Baker played a sexy 19-year-old virginal child bride brimming with sexuality and had a disturbing, enticing appeal for it's time. The style nightgown she wore in the movie was soon a must have for many woman. Up until then incorporating girlish designs in women's clothing and sleepwear was nothing new, but after Baby Doll "the movie", that girlishness was combined with womanliness in a way that was infinitely sexy and changed the way in which the garment was made and advertised.

Before the 1956 movie, Baby Doll nighties can be traced to the 1930s and 1940s when they were beloved by women for their comfort. It used to be one of the only ways a woman could keep cool wearing sleepwear in the days before air conditioning. Women today still love them for their coolness and comfort, as well as for their cute and sexy look.