The Art of Lawrence Supino

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Now living in Florida, I am a New York born and raised artist...and I truly appreciate your interest!

My desire to create is inherent, so why I paint and the way I paint has less to do with my formal training or a philosophy and more to do with an inner drive to live my life feeding and fulfilling this inherent desire.

My most recent paintings are oil on canvas. Earlier works have been in oil or mixed media using acrylic, charcoal, pencil and pastel on canvas, linen or masonite. I prefer painting on very fine/smooth canvas and will either start out with that or apply multiple layers of gesso and sand each layer to achieve the desired finish.

Most of my work utilizes both realistic and abstract techniques. Self experimentation, formal study of photo realist, classical and abstract artist impressed me to develop my style derived from both traditional and self realized techniques. The contrast between the perfection, discipline and exactitude demanded by photo realism and the spontaneity, freedom and energy of abstracts, provides me with the Yin-Yang balance that I feel is essential in both my artistic and personal life.

I believe each of us can do at least one thing very well; the key is to find that passion...then to do it. My paintings are created by passion.

As I paint each area I surrender to its needs…Painting is an act of love.